We are currently working on obtaining LEED certification for one of our projects: Coppin State University Science and Technology Center, Baltimore, MD, an urban campus. We would like to receive SS5.1 Credit Site Development- Protect or Restore Habitat. However, we won’t be able to meet the requirements on site. Our landscape architectural design provided 25.5% (50,697 square feet /199,000 square feet) of the site with native or adapted vegetation. In addition, to meet the Baltimore City forest conservation requirements, we proposed to plant equivalent to 1.47 acre (64,033 square feet) of forest in Baltimore’s largest historic park, Druid Hill Park, designed by Fredrick Olmstead. This Forest Conservation Plan has been approved by Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks and will be executed within the next two years. We would like to explore the possibility of using this off-site forest establishment to fulfill the remaining requirements of SS5.1 credit.

Could you please advise us if this approach is feasible? Who should we submit the request of using off-site forest establishment to fulfill the requirement for review? What are the submission requirements?

We would greatly appreciate it if you can help us out. I thank you in advance.