Dear All,

One of our clients is developing a large distribution center inside an industrial site (where some other distribution centers are also located). Expected building occupancy schedules are as follow:

  1. the majority of building users will be workers that arrive at around 08:00 and leave at 17:00 (around 140);
  2. there are also building users that arrive at 17:00 and leave at 02:00 (around 40);
  3. in between, the number of arrivals and departures is negligible.

In our opinion, the standard LEED methodology to evaluate compliance with this credit is not adequate to this occupancy schedule. The frequency of lines is not relevant because there are large periods of the day without travel needs.

The client intends to reinforce actual shuttles. The following lines are / will be available:

  1. around 08:00 – 9 lines | 491 places, 100 of them additional to actual ones and available for future workers;
  2. around 17:00 – 6 lines | 314 places, 111 of them additional to actual ones and available for future workers.

Our estimation is that the shuttles will have the capacity to transport 70% of main shift workers (08:00 to 17:00).

The question is:

  1. in this specific case, is it possible to comply with this credit based on shuttles availability? If yes, which shall be the criteria to guarantee compliance (i.e., do you think that above referred availability complies with credit requirements) ?

Thanks in advance.