This piggy-backs to my previous comment about bike rack locations.

Per the published Campus/Group Eligibility Credits & Prerequisites for LEED 2009, SSc4.2 - Alternative Transportation Bicycles & Changing Rooms - says that it can be documented per Group complaince, without the need for individual building specific details.

We have an NC Group project where shower facilities are being provided at the campus gym. Each building in this project is well over 200 yards long - so the distance between each building and the gym will be more than 200 yards. However, the LEED boundary is the entire campus, and all users of the site will have access to the gym, which is on the campus within the LEED boundary. The gym will have an adequate number of showers to serve the entire campus.

I just want to confirm that this single location for showering will be accepted. And, if that's true, can we re-confirm that per the group certification, we don't need to provide separate racks at each building? The owner would like to encourage people to shower after riding their bikes - which is less likely to happen if the racks are adjacent to their respective buildings.