Our tenant has purchased a bike rack just for their suite, and appropriate signage has been installed. When working on the credit template, I am able to input the # of secure bike racks and the distance; all the other data is automatically input from other credits (FTE for the tenant from PI Form 3, and the percentage calculation). This is all good, because my peak user number is 30 for the tenant space, and percentage comes out to 16.67%.
My problem comes up with the Shower/ Changing facilities. The building has its own changing room with showers, (1) room for men and (1) for women, both with multiple shower stalls. This room is provided for the entire building. I was able to find out that the total FTE for the building is 440 during peak occupancy; after calculating this by the .05% i need a total of 2.2 facilities. On the leed template, do i input the number of shower STALLS or facilities (aka changing rooms)?
Also the FTE number is automatically input from the PI Form 3, for ONLY the tenant's FTE number, not the entire building. How do I document the entire FTE in this leed template? Should I provide a separate narrative giving the calculations for the building FTE, or does anyone know of a way to revise this in the actual leed templates?
Please help... my credits are due asap!!!