I work for a structural steel contractor working on our first LEED v4 project and we are having difficulty getting our standard shop primer approved by the GC.  The paint does not meet the VOC limits for LEED v4, but the paint will be shop applied.  The GC has rejected our primer because they don’t want to approve the shop primer and then find out that there’s nothing compliant available to use for touch-ups in the field.  This is for the structural steel, but the GC is concerned some touch-ups might be needed after enclosure.  Are the LEED v4 VOC limits applicable in this situation?  Does field touch-up paint on structural steel fall under the "interior paints and coatings applied on site" category?  Do we need to use a different/LEED v4 compliant paint for field touch-ups?

I haven't had an issue on previous LEED projects (v2009) using this same shop-applied primer for touch-ups in the field.