Within our CI project (Office - 5 stories), there are landlord core areas including all toilets / washing facilities (same toilet block repeated on each floor). Our tenant seeking LEED certification is on the entire 2nd and 3rd floors only. It is reasonable to assume that the occupants on these floors will use the water fixtures on their floor only. Otherwise, they would have to take a lift / stairs to another occupied floor (not leased by their company), use the water and return to their floor.

I'm suggesting that as part of the scope, we look at extending the scope to include the landlord facilities on the 2nd and 3rd floors only with reduced flow fittings to achieve credit under WEc1. The other 3 floors will not be modified / included in the calculation, as it is unreasonable that occupants within the tenant space will consume water here. I'll justify through a narrative / building plans to that effect.

Has this approach worked with others in the past? ..........Any reviewer stating that more water fittings should be included after a review?