SCAQMD Rule 1113 exempts compounds that are packaged in small containers under 1 liter. We have some sport court coatings that do not meet VOC compliance but will fall under that exemption. Even though the LEED reference manual statement is "must meet the applicable VOC limits of the standard", can we assume the standard governs with respect to the exemption applying?

If so, we are assuming this applies only to VOC content and not the emissions requirement. The product does not have emissions certification so we will have to rely on the threshold to comply with the credit. Since we will have to enter this product in the calculator to reflect the emissions volume issue, it will clearly bust the VOC compliance. 

I am concerned about what documentation to provide that confirms the product does meet the exemption, particularly if more than 1 liter is applied on-site. Other than the usual explain in the Special Circumstances, has anyone had any experience with this?