Dear All,

According to Reference Guide:  “In a manner best replicating natural site hydrology processes, manage on site the runoff from the developed site for the 95th percentile of regional or local rainfall events using low-impact development (LID) and green infrastructure”. 

We are involved in a project which site is crossed by a natural water course (stream) and the run-off water strategy includes:

  1. collect and store rainwater from all the site in a reservoir with capacity to store the runoff from the 24h, 10 years, 98 percentile rainfall event;
  2. slowly discharge this water into the natural water course, at a rate lower than the runoff rate of the site prior to any development.

Is this strategy compliant with Option 1 ? We think that this strategy fulfils the intent of this credit (replicating natural site hydrology processes).

Thanks in advance.