I am reviewing a LEED submittal for roofing adhesives, sealants and mastics. The roof sub has submitted the following Carlisle products:
Sure-weld TP Low VOC Bonding Adhesive - AllowVOC 250 - Testing EPA 24
CC@ 702 Low VOC Primer - AllowVOC 775 - Testing Info: Product Formulation Calc
Carlise Fast Adhesive Box Sets - AllowVOC 50 - Testing Info EPA 24
Water Cut Off Mastic - AllowVOC 250 - Testing Info: Product Formulation Calc

1. I am unsure of the categories each primer. Can you help?
2. The testing info does not tell me whether the products are Prop. 65 compliant. The info I received is letter from the Manf. stating what testing methods were used. I keep pushing back asking for info or a letter that products comply. Does anyone have any recommendations?