I am curious what uses "retail" would include. Have searched for a definition but can't find one. I think it covers what I think of as primarily ground-floor commercial and is distinct from office. But I am not sure where LEED draws the line as you move into food services and personal and professional services. I have put a list below of the types of uses we are encountering near our project site where I am not sure - ordered roughly from definitely retail to maybe not retail. It impacts whether we have to determine peak visitor demand ourselves or use the required "retail" buildings floor area rate.

Retail includes?
grocery store / supermarket
any store selling goods (shoes, art, computers, clothing, etc.)
bakery (e.g. small scale artisanal producing and selling on site)
cafe/coffee shop
insurance seller / travel agency
hairdresser/barber/tatoo parlour
internet cafe
walk-in medical clinic / testing lab