The owner has a certified office which is located on a few floors of a building. Now he's going to renovate a part of it. On one floor there will be a few non-contiguous parts renovated. I read in the Exceptions to the MPR2 above that certification of such spaces is possible if some conditiones are met. One of the conditions says "The LEED project boundary is drawn at a clear, functional, AND physical barrier." My question refers to phisical barrier. Among others renovation includes works on an open space office which dosen't have a phisical barrier from the corridor and a lower part of the other open space office which won't be renovated. Is this still acceptable for LEED? It is not possible to draw the LEED project boundary in a different way. We cannot include the unrenovated parts of the office because then it might turn out that less than 60% of the floor will be undergoing alterations.