The NE Stockton Library and Recreation Center will be one of the newest buildings built in the northern part of Stockton. Its shared use will bring together different parts of the community due to the Library and Recreation Center being a combined property. The Center is going to be tailored to the community's specific needs, as well as tailored to accommodate any future add-on's. The Recreation center is going to provide classes and facilities to different demographics in the area. An example of this will be everyone’s opportunity for fitness classes and other sorts of recreation programs. The interior and exterior will both be used for these programs, providing a diverse selection of activities. The opportunity we’ve had to include the public in this design has the community excited and involved in the designing process from the beginning. The NE Stockton Library & Recreation Center will be taken advantage of by the community in all the programs it will offer, once it is used by the community. "The people of Stockton and San Joaquin County stand at a crossroads.  Before them a healthy and growing community seems tantalizingly achievable given the remarkable pace of change since reaching the nadir of economic distress a few short years ago.  Youth, diversity and vitality describe so many changing forces at play in their lives.  Yet the challenges of their recent history are not dormant.  They continue to surround too many community members who are struggling to meet basic economic needs.  Children still face inequitable chances for basic education." (Aspen Institute)