I'm working on a Platinum-seeking CI restaurant, and this credit is causing us some problems. We're custom-building tables from reclaimed wood, and it looks like independent testing is approaching prohibitively expensive for the project. We have a lot of control on the build of the tables, and could easily track all materials used in their construction. We will also have some other furniture (barstools, chairs) which will be Greenguard certified to meet this credit. So:

-Could our dining tables count as Occasional Furniture since they are easily moved, etc?

-Could we track all materials rather than sending them out to a testing facility? This would be much cheaper.

-We will have some custom-built reclaimed wood benches which will be built and finished on site (plus a bar top, same deal). Can I get away with covering those furnishings in IEQ4.2 (Paints and Coatings) rather than 4.5?

Thanks very much!