Hi to all,

I need support for a particular situation. A porject gained the LEED v2 core and shell certification and now the building is under renovation process.

When the project was certified it was designed as a low rise residential building http://www.gbig.org/activities/leed-10063331. In this moment, after 6 years from the construction's completion, the property is renovating the building and is changing its use from residential to office building. The renovation project will change some interior and MEP aspects. 

The client would like to know if there is the possibility to update the building's certification and change the main space type. I explained to them that this process probably requires a new certification process, but I'm not sure.

The main issue is that in order to rent or sell it, they need an office building with a certification that has this space type.

Could you please confirm my strategy or give me another suggestion? 

Thank you in advance for your help