Dear all.

I have a question regarding LEED v4 NC Core and Shell, EA P2 Minimum energy performance.

We’re currently involved in the LEED Certification (Core & Shell) of several Office Buildings. In what relates with energy performance, we have a doubt related with receptacle energy use to be considered in tenant areas.

Since the owner does not have yet a clear view on the number of people that will occupy his speculative building, we are using LEED Default Occupancy (23 m2/person) to calculate the number of FTEs. To estimate the energy use for receptacles in tenant areas we are considering:

- an average receptacle power per occupant of circa 80 W (1 laptop + 1 monitor + 1 printer shared by 8 persons). This power combined with the default occupancy (23 m2/person) results in circa 3,5 W/m2 of receptacles;

- typical usage patterns for receptacles in Office Buildings (e.g. COMNET).

We would like to validate that the above described approach is acceptable in the scope of LEED energy simulation.

Best Regards.