Can you please help me confirm how we verify LEED ND: Built Project as the suitable rating system path to follow, and set the boundary to accommodate this?

The guidance states that:
a. p12 Select Rating System - 'LEED ND: Plan' applies where a project 'has constructed less than 75% of its total building floor area'. Inferring that where 75% or greater of the total building floor area is constructed LEED ND: Built Project is applicable.
b. p57 LEED for Neighbourhood Developement - 'It is recommended that at least 50% of total building floor area be new construction or major renovation.'

It has been suggested this be applied as 50% of 75%. Can you confirm if that is acceptable (and the requirement is not the opposite)?

If the case, firstly the boundary is set so that 75% of the buildings within it are already constructed (a). Then of those buildings it is calculated how many need to comply with ND new building prerequisite requirements to supplement the total non-constructed floor area and satisfy the 50% new construction criteria (b). This then sets the LEED ND project start date (pre-dating the date of occupation of the eldest constructed building that must comply with prerequisite requirements). The remainder of constructed buildings are then regarded as existing for the purposes of LEED.

I hope my query is clear. Your advice would be welcome.