Dear All,

We are currently certifying a Campus with two buildings, quite different one from the other:

  1. Building 1: office building, 12 floors, 1.000 m2 per floor, 1.200 FTEs;
  2. Building 2: warehouse, 1 floor, 10.000 m2, 80 FTEs.

In what relates Indoor Water Use Reduction:

  1. the campus will be endowed with a rainwater reuse system, designed to optimize campus water usage;
  2. this system collects water from both rooftops and store it in a single cistern located in an enclosed carpark that serves both buildings;
  3. rainwater is reused for sanitary flushing in both buildings;

As this credit is not eligible for Campus Approach, each building shall pursue the credit individually. The question is: how can we assign rainwater reused to each building?

Our suggestion is to make this assignment based on the number of occupants in each building (please note that the system was designed to optimize campus water usage). Therefore:

  1. Building 1: 1200/1280 = 94% of total reused water;
  2. Building 2: 80/1280 = 6% of total reused water.

Thanks in advance,