Please give me a feedback if I have calculated right the Fan Power of the baseline building. Note that my baseline building requires an air heat recovery system (based on ASHRAE 90.1-2010) and that I have system 8.

Also according paragraph G3.1.2.10 and Table G3.2.1.9 my goal is to calculate the “A” at the equation CFMs*0.0013+A.

Also according Table  , “A” is related from Pressure Drop with derives from table

For the Pressure drop of the heat exchanger I choose from  “Energy Recovery Device other than Coil Runaround Loop”  => (2.2x Energy Recovery Effectiveness) – 0.5 wc

In the given formula “(2.2x Energy Recovery Effectiveness) – 0.5” is meat by Energy Recovery Effectiveness the energy effectiveness of my building which is 70% or the energy effectiveness of the baseline building which is 50%?

I calculated with the Energy Recovery Effectiveness of MY building as following

Pressure drop = 2.2*0.7-0.5 =1.04 wc. Do you confirm this approach is right?