Hi everyone,

We have an office building with two floors and an internal atrium that crosses them.

My first question is, for the alternative view into atrium can I consider all the spaces facing it? Both those on the ground floor and on the first floor?

Then, credit requirements says that "Views into interior atria may be used to meet up to 30% of the required area", how can I highlight them into the calculator sheet?

The voice "Occupants must have direct access to the view and be within three times the head height of the glazing" still apply for these spaces? 

At the first floor, the limit from which I have to consider the distance of 3 times is the parapet?

I have to assume the atrium as an exterior space? What view content I have to choose since those offered by the calculator refer to external spaces (nature, urban landmark, object at least 25 feet)

Thanks you in advance for your help!