we are evaluating the LEED certification potential of a new winery that will be built in Portugal (using the rating system LEED BD+C: New Construction and Major Renovation).

The winery will have office areas and production areas (mainly, grape reception and processing areas and storage areas). Expected occupancy of these areas is as follows:

  1. Office areas: typical occupancy patterns of office buildings;
  2. Grape reception and processing areas:
    1. vintage season (2 month per year, mild climate): regular occupancy (up to 8 hours per day). Relevant physical activity. Typically, frequent moves to outdoors and large doors fully opened
    2. other seasons (10 month per year): non regular, short-term occupancy.
  3. Storage areas: non regular, short-term occupancy.

According to this credit can we exclude grape reception and processing areas and storage areas from the regularly occupied spaces ?

Thanks for your attention.