I am having a hard time determining what type of system I should be modeling for my building in both the Proposed AND the Baseline.

Here is the deal:
The building is a Fire Station that is about 8000 sf total. 5000 sf is served by a geothermal heat pump system (heating fuel = electricity), while 3000 sf is served by heating only infrared heaters. (heating fuel = gas)

I know I need to model a cooling system in the proposed case for the space with the infrared heaters even though we don't have one. I also know it needs to be the same cooling system for the proposed case as the baseline case.

So, what is the baseline system? Do I model for electric heat throughout the building even though I have gas and electric in my proposed? (since electric is the main system?) If so, my baseline system is a packaged heat pump rooftop unit.

If I am correct in selecting the baseline system, how do I model that heating only space? I almost need to have (2) systems for one space, but I don't know how to assign a single room to two different systems. I am using Trace 700 for my energy model.

Anyone have a good idea for me?