We are analysing the electrical energy consumption of our client. The building is a warehouse of approximately 10.000 sqm with 1000 sqm of offices. The building is provided with a photovoltaic system of 211,2 kW and a modern geothermal system.

The warehouse is cold room, which is kept at a fixed temperature of +2°C thanks to a geothermal water-air refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is sized to keep the cell at +2°C and for a daily incoming/outgoing of about 1800 tons of products, with entry of product at the average annual temperature of +6°C (peaks at +8°C).

All the photovoltaic production is used by the building.

The total electrical consumption is the sum between photovoltaic production and energy from the grid.

Considering this warehouse project with high energy consumption from the industrial process to keep the product at a fixed temperature, we have separated the process consumptions from the total. The difference between the total and the process consumption is reported in the credit of energy performance.

We are able to do this calculation because we have:

  • a meter that measures exactly every 15 minutes the consumption due to the process;
  • a meter that measures the photovoltaic production;
  • a meter that measures the purchase from the grid.

Is this methodological approach correct?