we are doing energy modeling for a mixed used tower (residential 30 flrs and office 6 floors and 5 floors parking under ground) can any one help in determining the following:
a- baseline case:
1-the envelope requirements should be residential or non residential.
2- how to model different floors in equest.
3-i m going to rotate the building as requested but how to average the values.
4-zoning in the residenatial area can it be per bedrooms or is there a preferred way.
5-what s the hvac system type to model.
6-ashare is talking about 25% factor of safety in cooling and 15 % in heating.what value shall i use in cooling load because in proposed case ashare is talking about actual equipment size (do they mean i should provide a factor of safety).
7-service water heating design shall i follow ashrae fundamental chapter or any preffered method.
8-landscape lighting is included in which section lighting or process load.

regarding proposed building:
1-automatic shades how to provide a schedule for it (residential and offices)
2-parking lighting system how to benefit from motion sensors (and same for all areas.
3-hvac system modeling using part load curves...where to get these curves.

finally can anyone provide me an actual modeling example documented and commented as here the documentationprovided when we don't have a simulation.

sorry for this long email.