Dear All,

we received yesterday the Preliminary Review Report of an Hospitality Building.

In what relates with the Minimum Energy Performance Pre-Requisite, we received the following comment: “Based on the Minimum Energy Performance Calculator, it appears that interior lighting savings are being taken for credit in the residential units. Because these spaces include living quarters, sleeping areas, cooking, and sanitation within a single unit, they meet the ASHRAE definition of a "dwelling unit".

We disagree with classification given to this space, and would to know like to ask some opinions about the validity of our response, below:

The referred spaces are typical hotel rooms, with a small desk and chair in the sleeping area (not living quarters), an in-suite WC and some equipment to reheat light meals in the circulation area between the entrance door and the sleeping area (please refer to the floor plan below). A large number of hotels, of all categories, include these facilities in the sleeping rooms.

Furthermore, the whole building was designed to be used as an hotel, including typical hotel common areas (reception, meeting rooms, gym, etc.). Finally, the business model includes two types of occupancy: from September to June focused (but not limited to) short and medium stays of advanced degrees students and in July and August focused on tourists. Therefore, we think that this spaces shall be classified and treated as hotel rooms.

Room plans:

Thanks is advance,