My project is a five story mixed-use building. The first floor is a restaurant, the second and third are office fit-outs and the forth and fifth are high-end residential units with underground parking for only the residential units. I would like to achieve SS credit 4.3 for LEED 2009 CS but am concerned that I might not be fulfilling the credits intent.

It is possible for us to make 5% of the total vehicle underground parking preferred parking for those residents that have LEFE Vehicles. Can I assume that even though I am not providing parking for all of the buildings users I am providing for those that live there and of that parking I am providing preferred parking for those that have LEFE Vehicles. Therefore, shouldn't I am able to submit for this credit?

Does anyone have any thoughts? I really would like to hear them. I keep going back and forth on if this type of building situation is really what the credit was intented for. I'm not providing parking for all of the building users but I am providing for some and because of the buildings site that is all that it can provide. I am submitting for SSc7.1 Heat Island Effect, Non roof which makes sense but if I'm using the parking there for that credit shouldn't I be able to use it here? Anyways, please any thoughts are welcome?