I posted recently about how to address built-in seating assembled on site (the answer is, it is part of a wall assembly and all components must meet the walls VOC requirements). The components are:

Lumber: solid wood, exempt

Plywood, textile: CDPH compliance 

Adhesive, coating: CDPH compliance & wet-applied limit

Polyurethane foam cushion: ???

I wasn't finding any CDPH compliant foam with some initial research, even after finding a few foam cushion products installed in Living Building Challenge projects...This is the dead end I'm hitting after digging a little deeper:

Looking at the scope of CDPH Method v1.2, it covers building products and furniture assemblies. Because the foam is typically used as part of a furniture assembly and is only a "building product" in this context because LEED considers it part of the wall, I'm realizing it might not even be eligible (or at least not worth it to a manufacturer) to be tested under the CDPH method. Is anyone here familiar enough with the CDPH standard to say if this product could be tested to it?

I'm also seeing a certification called Certi-PUR US specifically for foam products. Looks like the European version was approved as a WELL equivalency under the WELL low-emitting materials feature, but not the US version. From context, I'm guessing that foam manufacturers would use this standard instead of CDPH testing. And I'm not literate enough in testing standards to tell if the TVOC part of Certi-PUR US is CDPH-equivalent. 

On this particular project we're not counting on the walls point so won't resort to the budget option, but it's frustrating to end up literally one product away from 100% compliance and not even be sure that product CAN comply. 

Curious if anyone has experience with built-in seating so far, or any familiarity with Certi-PUR / CDPH for cushions. I can certainly keep bugging USGBC about it but I have a feeling I'm getting into CIR territory...not worth it on this project but I know it won't be the last...