I have a LEED NC 2009 project that wants to use Demand Response as an Innovation Point. It is a new building on a community college campus and the campus already participates in a voluntary semi -automated DR program with other buildings on campus.

As I read the pilot credit requirements , because there is an existing DR program available, we would need a fully-automated system to earn the point, do I understand that right? The link above to the The Demand Response National Database isn’t working - I thought maybe if our program isn’t official, maybe we can still use the semi-automated approach. But a quick Google search didn’t turn up a National Database. Our client would prefer to maintain the semi-automated system they are currently using with other campus buildings – is that an option?

Also, can we use the v4 DR credit as an innovation point rather than the pilot credit? At quick glance they are very similar, but the v4 credit language notes that “Semi-automated DR may be utilized in practice”. Any insight on the differences?