Our project is pursuing the pilot credit “Social equity within the community”, using option 2 - Partner with Existing Community Service.

There is not much information available for this specific pilot credit on the forum, so for the required post we will describe our experience with collecting the supporting information and filling in the required “Option 2 Documentation Template”.

The project is an expansion of the existing baseball spring training facility. The community service partner organization (Foundation) was always a big part of the stadium and collected majority of donations during the spring training events.

Step 1 Table: The table format was very helpful to identify the major population groups involved in the construction and use of the facility. Basic demographic information is not really that basic, and we had to really shorten the description to fit into the table or had to attach the supporting documentation.

Step 2: The three strategies that the project focused on at the beginning were improvement of space, support for on-going programming and events, and financial contribution.  Due to COVID-19, all games and other events carried out at the stadium had been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. But as the stadium closed and the spring training got cancelled, the Foundation shifted their focus more on provision of services. I feel that the Pilot Credit requirements are broad and cover many strategies that can be implemented even when the physical spaces and large in-person events are not possible.

Our supporting documentation includes: “Option 2 Documentation Template”, letter from the Foundation, financial contributions information, expanded facility marketing materials, project zip Code demographics report, description of the Foundation initiatives, list of supported charities.

We are planning to submit for review in few weeks. Will post an update if there are any comments, or if additional information is required.