Hi all, 

I see the LI, LEEDuser guidance, and some posts related to MUF or MF being OK, and Phenol Formaldehyde being OK, but am trying to make sure that what I'm seeing in a submittal means the same thing, as I'm not versed in scientific terminology.

We have a "Phenolic Backed Decorative Laminate" (high pressure laminate) product for review. The only description is "Lab Designs Laminates are composed of a layer of Melamine impregnated decorative paper bonded to layers of phenolic impregnated Kraft paper. The backside of the laminate is sanded to ensure uniform bonding and consistent thickness." 

There are no other mentions of UF or any other kind of formaldehyde in any of their documentation. Does this product fall under the umbrella of things that are OK?