Dear All,

we’re currently working in a project of a new office building pursuing LEED Certification (Core &Shell). Regarding main energy systems, the project has the following characteristics:

  • HVAC system is included in Core&Shell scope (including tenant’s fan-coils);
  • lighting fixtures inside tenanted areas are out of scope of Core &Shell (will be installed by future tenants);
  • Tenant Lease Agreement includes mandatory requirements related with tenant’s lighting power density. Due to this, we are claiming savings for tenants lighting under Optimized Energy Performance Credit (installed power lower than baseline).

In what relates with Demand Response Credit, we have the following doubts:

  1. being this a Core&Shell certification, Peak Demand shall be calculated considering only systems under the scope of Core&Shell, or also including tenants energy use (e.g. lighting)?
  2. 10% of peak electricity demand shall be calculated considering the maximum demand required by the building (from the simulation, considering profiles, etc), or summing up the maximum peak demand reported for each system under EA Minimum Energy Performance?

Thanks in advance,