I’m working on generating an LCA and EPD for a product I develop and am running into an unexpected hurdle - finding a PCR and Program Operator. I don't want to promote products on this forum but I can't explain my problem without describing the materal. I make CoolSeal, a solar reflective asphalt based sealcoat that preserves pavement and can be part of qualifying for SS Heat island reduction credits. It's a coating, it covers the entire pavement surface, and  I'm hitting a wall trying to find pavement preservation PCR's that aren't for concrete / cement or hot mix asphalt. 

For Program Operators and PCR’s, the ideal would be IERE Earthsure Pavement Preservation PCR. That was used to generate EPD’s for similar (but non-solar reflective) products, GSB-78 and GSB-88. Unfortunately, IERE may have closed up shop, I’ve reached out to all their contact methods, as well as a few of the groups that verified EPD’s within the PCR looking for more information and am coming up empty. 

Of the other US Program Operators on the ACLCA list, it looks like UL Solutions has the broadest options related to coatings. Unfortunately, the cover page of UL’s coatings PCR says they expired in 2016. Fortunately, these are US localized versions of standards from a German organization, the Instiut Bauen und Umvelt e.V. (IBU), and their version of this standard (thankfully, in English) was last updated in May. These PCR’s don’t seem to specify that the coatings must be used on a building but there’s no examples of these rules in traffic or pavement coatings. No results for any coatings related to pavement, traffic, asphalt or bitumen in English or German. 

UL has recently formed asphalt emulsion products PCR committee but they haven't responded to my emails. ASTM has some asphalt product PCR’s but they’re focused on roofing and building membranes. The American Coatings Society (ACS) also has some PCR’s for coatings, but CoolSeal is out of scope.

Which brings me to this forum. I'm hoping somebody knows what happened to IERE's Earthsure program or if there is a different PCR or program operator I could contact to learn more.