I represent a Solid Waste Management company often subcontracted to divert wastes from LEED projects. I have a silly question regarding Option 1. Diversion (1–2 points) in the MR c5 Construction and Demo Waste Mgmt. We often get contractors that imply LEED Rating Guide requires the diversion of ALL wastes generated onsite (including non-construction wastes; food, plastic bottles, etc...) This seems contradicting because if I understand the requirement below correctly, if a contractor were to pursue path 1, I can deploy 2 skip containers onsite each dedicated to a specific waste stream (selected from the list of waste streams identified in the Waste Mgmt Plan) throughout the life of the project (at minimum 50% diversion) and meet the requirement for 1 point?

Option 1. Diversion (1–2 points)

Path 1. Divert 50% and Two Material Streams (1 point)

Divert at least 50% of the total construction and demolition material; diverted materials must include at least two material streams.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.