There is a bus route I would like to count for this credit: the stop in one direction is within the 400 metre walking distance but the (paired) stop going the opposite direction is outside of the 400-metre limit. It's across the road and a block further away, just outside the limit.

My initial thought was that I couldn't count this route, but there is this line in the reference guide: 'if a route has two separate stops to serve each direction (eg on opposite sides of a street) choose one stop from which to measure the distance to that route.'

Also this: 'any transit stop reaching any functional entry of the project within the specified distance can be counted toward the credit.'

While it is a requirement that 'qualifying transit routes must have paired route service' it does not say exclusively that both stops must be within the 400-metre walking distance.

So, the way I'm reading this is that a route can be counted if one stop is within the walking distance, as long as it has a paired route stop in the opposite direction, and meets the daily service trip thresholds.

Can anyone confirm if I'm interpreting this correctly?