In a 12 story building that we operate, one floor is tenanted with dentist offices. This floor consistently measures higher TVOC levels than the remaining floors which is a direct result of the dentistry products being used for cleaning and sterilization. The specific compond that We have confirmed that 

This floor measured 973ug/m3, with the next highest being 378ug/m3. The tenants in are aware of this high TVOC reading and it has been confirmed that products they are using do not pose a human health risk (we have the MSDS sheets to confirm). 

What would be an appropriate approach to address this outlier that is scewing our results and impacting our performance score in ARC? Can we omit and provide justification that would include the MSDS sheets for this compond in addition to a narative that would explain the use for this floor accounting for the high read compared to the remainder of the building?

Many thanks in advance for your advice,