Our project is at a large university, and a 2-plug Level 2 station has been installed.

As with others, we are struggling with the "vehicle fueling capacity per station (8 hour day)" part of the documentation. The manufacturer will not provide an "average" charge time, as the charge time is totally vehicle-dependent. As others have noted, it is unlikely that someone will arrive with zero charge on the vehicle and need to park all day for a full charge.

In any case, signage has been posted (and policies written) that only vehicles actively charging are allowed to park at the chargers, and the max time allowed at a charger is 4 hours, no exceptions. Parking is by permit only, and is heavily enforced.

Can this time limit be factored in to our calculations? So for 2 chargers with a 4-hour time limit, the capacity would be 4 vehicles over 8 hours?