Dear LEEDuser users,

I am currently working on a logistic platform asset, and we are targeting the 3 points related to NC-v4 EQc2 - Low emitting materials option 2 credit. (core and shell project)

On the wall, we will have sandwich panels and also classic steel structure with insulation.

On roof, the interior layouts (for VOC) will be just metal sheet

For internal wall (to separate warehouse cell) we will provide Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel (6m*0.6m).

For intermediate fllors, we have concrete slab, without any paintings or coverings.

I have few questions because we are curretnly selecting insulation and sealants and we would like to be sure about what we are doing for this credit.

1) how can we consider a sandwich panel ? is it a factory-finished metal wall product according to LEED and doesnt need to be tested ? or do we need to test the insulation or even the wall complex ?

2) for ALC panels, we will have sealants between each panel. we can consider 5% of the wall surface area will be sealants. Each time the LEED guide specify layer by layer the surface area, but never when we have sealants between panels or blocks. How can we consider these sealants ?

3) when we have only a concrete slab for intermediate floors (warehouse) can we automatically consider this slab as a compliant surface ? because it is not really a flooring product but a structural element.

Thanks in advance,

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