Concerning Sustainable Sites (SS) Credit 2, Developmental Density and Community Connectivity, I have some doubts about the option 1 of this credit. In this case we have a C&S project that is located approximately 1 mile of downtown. Considering the dimensions of our project, we have a total site area of 245.292 square ft, and a total built area of 153.744 square ft. According to informations I've read in this forum, the correct thing to do would be to take the square root of my total site area to find the density radius, then collect the areas of each property in the boundary to summarize to mine and then divide the total building area to the total landscape area, am I right? So my questions are: In what conditions will I get this credit? Can my own project be included in this sum? If the surrounding building are not residences, can I add the area even so? Thank you.