Dear All,

I hope someone could help me in an interesting question.

Our project is thinking of using Trane RTAF Air-Cooled Screw Chillers which is definitely not a cooling-tower BUT it has an optional adiabatic function spraying some water on a panel which actually in this way use the latent heat of water in order to enhance the efficiency of the chiller. This means 5-10% efficiency increase or in the other side 5-10% less energy consumption, in exchange for some water consumption which can not be compared to a real cooling tower.

Is that mean with the above chiller we can't apply for the No Cooling Tower ACP (every other requirement is fulfilled).

If we can't use the ACP because of this function, we can treat it as a cooling tower?

Actually we can do a potable water lab test but this is not a cooling tower, almost 100% of the sprayed water evaporates and won't be cycles to calculate with.

Thank you.