I am inquiring generally about LEED ND's applicability to the project and specifically on NPDp3.

We are dealing with a Masterplan project in Doha Qatar on a 283 acre site.

The site is a Science and Technology Park and the land uses include Labratory, Office, Light Industry / Testing and ancillary retail uses. There are no Residential uses or Education uses.

The campus is also physically secured with a 2.5m high boundary wall around the entire periphery and is not open to the public.

My queries are:

1. In general terms the LEED Manual makes a number of points relating to residential uses including:

• “In basic terms, a neighborhood is an area of dwellings, employment, retail, and civic places and their immediate environment that residents and/or employees identify with in terms of social and economic attitudes, lifestyles, and institutions.” (Page xvi of LEED ND Manual – “Neighbourhood Development Defined”.

• "LEED for Neighborhood Development was not designed as a rating system for existing campuses, such as colleges, universities, and military bases. Many campuses have circulation patterns and building forms and placement that differ from the strategies outlined in LEED-ND. As a result, the rating system may not be appropriate for such facilities, but it could be applied in certain situations. For example, LEED-ND could be used for a civilian style development on or adjacent to a military base, especially now that there is increased interest in developing mixed-use main streets as a focal point for new residential development in military bases” ((Page xv of LEED ND Manual.)

Our site is regarded as an existing campus without any residential uses. It appears to be inconsistent with LEED ND’s definition of a ‘Neighbourhood'. Given the absence of Residential Uses and Civilian style development can the project be considered for LEED ND certification?

2. NPDp3 states that "Any part of the circulation network that is counted toward the connectivity requirement must be available for general public use and not gated. Gated areas are not considered available for public use, with the exception of education and health care campuses and military bases where gates are used for security purposes."

The entire site is physically secured and not open to the public. The site is not an Educational Campus, Health Care Campus or Military Base. There is no specific legal requirement to secure the boundaries of the development however for general IP protection and Security Purposes the entire campus is gated / walled.

Can the project possibly meet this prerequisite?