Hello All,

This is my first time handling the LEED documentation, and I am stuck with one part in the calculator for Regional Credit.

In the calculator for regional materials section, when you enter value from column T-W; it generates your total distance in column X. According to the credit threshold, materials under 500 miles distances will only be considered for the calculation, but I still don't how to get value in column Y (Percent regional).

For an example: A product '1' has only distance travelled by other means, which results in total distance to be less than 500 miles, so in column Y it counted as 100%.

Similarly, for a product '2' that has multiple modes of distance travelled, which also results the total distance less than 500 miles. So for this particular product how is percent regional calculated?  As in the ID+C example shown in the calculator, for the all the products under 500 miles seems to have different value in the column Y.

Thank you for your time.