Dear all,
our project is being certified under LEED v3 NC.
at the Preliminary Design Review Stage we've divided users into occupant groups in accordance with their functionality - office workers, kitchen staff, reception workers etc. We've received Technical advice from reviewers stating that our approach to defining occupant groups is wrong and that we need to revise the form to ensure that fixture groups have been defined to reflect the various occupant groups within the project that use a specific set of flush and flow fixtures.
All users of the building have access to all fixtures in certified building, so the usage patter is the same for all users. But there are some users who have different working schedule - most of them work 247 days/year and there are security guards who works 365 days/year. So we've divided occupants into two fixture usage groups - one group is for General staff/users who works 247 days per year (513 FTE per day). And other group is for security staff who works 365 days per year (4 FTE per day). Does our approach (dividing occupants into two groups) seem reasonable?
We have other solution - count security FTEs as if they've worked 247 days per year:
(4*365)/247=5,9 FTE = 6 FTE

How do you think, what approach is better?
Thank you all in advance.