We are currently carrying out the feasibility study for the certification of an existing project in Operation and Maintenance v4.1: Existing Buildings. It is a multitenant building and the property of the building is divided into several companies and individuals, it is a co-ownership. We are a bit confused because of having multiple owners and tenants. According to the v4 O+M guidelines on section Tenant Space Exclusion Allowance it describes that: “Buildings with leased spaces may face particular challenges in earning LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance credits. Whereas the prerequisites address the base building systems or are limited to areas under management control, many credits require commitment and cooperation from tenants. Project teams should review the lease terms and management situation and either obtain commitments from tenants or pursue credits that do not require tenants’ participation. Projects that have a few large tenants may be able to satisfy the requirements more easily than buildings with many small tenant spaces.” 

Does this ruling also applies to v4.1?

If we correctly understand, the prerequisites are mandatory for the base building and the common areas under the management control, and the credits may or may not be pursuit by the tenants. But for example, on the energy and water performance, the energy and water data use should be only for the base building or also for the tenant spaces and therefore consider the whole building?

Best regards,
Sofia Barahona