I have a question about the reporting of the cost of concrete between these two credits.


MRc4 - Recycled Content. Concrete manufacturers provide their mix design, $/m³, volume used, etc. on the Supplementary Cementitious Materials calculator. The resulting value is entered into the cost column of the MRc4 template, and designated "SCM Cement," with a post-consumer recycled content of 100%. Therefore, the cost of the CONCRETE is not counted towards this credit, rather just the cost of the SCM cement. If the cost of the concrete was $100, and $35 was determined to be "SCM Cement," we would count $35 at 100% on our MRc4 template. Fine.

MRc5 - Regional Materials. If a product meets the extraction and manufacturing distance requirements, 100% of its material cost is included toward the total regional materials cost of the project. The $100 worth of concrete that is locally-extracted is recorded as $100 on the MRc5 template.

The issue:
If we say the cost of the concrete on a project, not an insignificant amount in most commercial buildings, is only the "SCM cement," $35 in the example per direction from MRc4, we are losing the benefit of an expensive, local material in MRc5: $35 vs. $100.

Additionally, how do we reconcile this difference when reporting our Actual Materials Cost?

Has anyone worked their way through this?