I am modeling a LEED building that includes a snow melt system. The system is served by the building's hot water boiler. This boiler also provides hot water to the coils within the building's air handlers.

My first dilema is: Should I clasify the snow melt hot water load as a Process Load on the LEED Online template?
My guess is no since I can estimate the annual snow events from weather history which will allow me to calculate the time in which the system will run.
Additionally my boiler is 95% efficient, which exceeds the efficiency of the baseline boiler. (Process loads must be identical in the proposed and baseline model, unless a narrative is provided)

My second dilema is: ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G requires me to provide heating and cooling to all conditioned spaces, do I model an in-slab cooling loop in addition to my in-slab radiant loop?
My guess is no since the slab is technically not within a conditioned space.

This is the first time I have modeled a snow melt system since our state code did not allow this system until recently. (unless the snow melt loop is served by the building's waste heat. . . Miller Brewing company has this type of system)

Thanks in advance for any comments or insight anyone can offer.
-Dave Hubka