Dear Everyone,

I wonder of modeling CAV system in Baseline System type 9. My proposed building is storage with thermostat setpiont 12 C ( 54 F) with natural ventilation.

I have 2 cases of Proposed systems.

1. Radiators are used to heat spaces without any fans.

2. Local convective heating devices with fans are used

3. Assume that we have some fresh air supply with DOAS AHU.

AD 1 In first case radiators will operate only when heating is needed. I assume something about 30% of annual time. If I set system 9 CAV how should it operate? If I set availability for whole year I will get huge energy use for fans that will recilculate constant amount of air even when heating is not needed.

AD 2. In such case fans will also operate when needed. I can set them to cycled or stagged. How about the Baseline? Should it also be cycled or stagged?

AD3. In that case when system 9 is CAV does it needs to operate whole year with maximum air? Proposed AHU will operate full year but its energy use will be relative small. For most of the year heating will not be needed. 

BTW. This storage is not semiheated space

Many thanks