The project is using predominantly non-potable water for irrigation (~97%). Systems include recycled water from sewage treatment plant and rain water harvesting. In theory, the sewage treatment plant should be sufficient to irrigate landscaping at 100% rate. However, there is not sufficient storage, so the remainder of the recycled water (not stored) is sent to the drains. Rainwater is likewise harvested and used for landscaping, but in the dry months, the stored water is not sufficient to meet the remaining irrigation demand, hence some potable water is used. All sources are metered.

My query:
The online form has 2 entries - for baseline and metered irrigation. However, the metered irrigation seems to refer to potable water to generate the percent reduction in potable water. Can we just input the potable water used even though the non-potable water is also metered? Will just clarify in the narrative and provide the necessary calculations.

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