1. In the Air Side HVAC tab, the baseline unitary heating efficiency for System 6 (Packaged VAV with Electric Reheat) is 3.41 HSPF.  In our proposed schedule, we have some Gas Fired Radiant Heaters that are 93% AFUE.  However, the whole row of unitary heating efficiencies is identified as either HSPF, AFUE, etc.  Is there a way to differentiate the items in the whole row?

2. How is the virtual rate of natural gas calculated?  At the bottom of the Performance_Outputs_1 Tab, there is an "issue" with "the proposed virtual energy rate for natural gas is less than $0.50 per therm or greater than $2.00 per therm.  Please correct or provide justification."  Our virtual rate of natural gas is coming out to $6.00 per therm.  However, our utility rate in EnergyPro was input at $0.937 per therm.  So why isn't the proposed virtual rate the same as what the actual therm rate that we input?