My project will use metering handwash faucets at the lavatories. The flow rate is 0.5 gpm. According to USGBC's additional guidance document, I should use 0.25 gallons per cycle (gpc) as the baseline. For the proposed case, I understand that I am to multiply my flow rate (0.5 gpm) times 12 seconds/60 to get my equivalent gpc. That comes out to 0.1 gpc for the proposed case. However, the cut sheet for my faucet, while stating the 0.5 gpm flow rate, also clearly states in bold "Total flow not to exceed 0.25 gallons per handle activation."
Does this mean that I have to use 0.25 gpc for my proposed case, or can I still use the 0.1 gpc that I calculated earlier?