I posted this question in a string under Innovation, but will duplicate here under the official Pilot Credit forum to show participation and perhaps gather feedback.

I'm working on a higher ed campus building providing 100% all-gender restrooms. The campus does not typically provide menstruation hygiene products in their restrooms, all-gender or multi-stall. Each all-gender restroom is set up to function independently with a toilet, urinal, wall mounted sink, and handwashing supplies. Thus far putting a dispenser or setting them out free in each all-gender restroom hasn't resonated with the client.

Do either of these seem like viable options?

  • Distributed through a central location in the building or on each floor?
  • Available for sale at the campus store inside the project building?

Any other ideas? Any constraints on location?

As a woman, I certainly have my thoughts on how to best comply with this credit. I also want to try to understand all the options for meeting the requirement.