I have just received the final application review for a LEED CI v2009 project, and under the MRc4 & c5 the LEED reviewers stated:

“the Actual Materials Cost for Divisions 3-10, 12, 31, and 32 are equivalent to the costs of the materials listed within the form. It is inconsistent with industry norms for the materials listed for credit compliance to be a complete list of all materials used within the LEED-CI for Retail project. Therefore, it is unclear that the Actual Materials Costs include the costs of allmaterials associated with this LEED-CI for retail project as required.”.

I truly do not understand this review…isn’t it supposed to fill up the respective column of Materials and Resource Calculator form with all the materials cost which fall in the Divisions 3-10, 12, 31, and 32, and by doing this does it not make the Actual Materials Cost and the costs listed in the form equal?

Has anyone had this same issue? additionally does anyone know the difference between the Total Materials Cost and the Total sustainable materials cost (as showen in the form).